Welcome to the Brutnell lab!

Solving the world’s food, feed and biofuels challenges requires multiple approaches and a diversity of skills.

At the Danforth Center, scientists collaborate to develop new technologies, new model systems and new analytical approaches to tackle these problems. This intellectual excitement is perhaps only equaled by the promise of achieving our goals for food and energy security.

The Brutnell lab is focused on understanding photosynthetic differentiation and, in particular, identifying the transcriptional networks that drive C4 photosynthetic development.

Applications of this research include improving photosynthetic efficiencies in the emerging bioenergy model system, Setaria viridis, as well as improving yield in existing C4 crops such as maize, sorghum and sugarcane. The lab is also working with a large international consortium to engineer C4 traits into C3 grasses.

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