Tips on Teaching Place Value

An analysis of representative literature concerns the ineffective learning, which is widely recognized. Most children are demonstrating a significant lack of getting the concept of place-value among various arithmetic teachers and researchers. It is not sufficient that one is capable of using place value in writing numbers and performing calculations and also describing the process of calculation.

There are various aspects used in teaching place value to help one in understanding place value. It is often two of the methods that are stressed or taught. The other multiple aspects are ignored, and yet one of them is very necessary for the understanding of children’s place value. 

1.    Learning number names

Learning number names and their various initials is an important process. Most learners are being provided with numbers to help them in counting quantities, developing the facility, and familiarity with numbers. Practicing numbers does not only involve reading them but also writing them. This is not happening about rules which are affecting place value. 

2.    Developing Familiarity

Familiarity is usually acquired through practice with various groupings and physical counting by groups. When appropriate, consider writing and reading group numbers. This should not be done using the concept of place value. It should be done by referring to the numbers that were written before. Practice with counting and grouping should be including grouping using tens. 

3.    Specifics about representations

Representations and details are done in the form of columns. Aspects1, 2, and three will be requiring drill, repetitive practice, and demonstration. Aspects 4 and five will be involving reason and understanding with enough practice and demonstration to help in assimilating it. Besides, it will be helping children in remembering the overall logic using reflection instead of logical steps.

Specific Logical Steps

1.    Number Facility, Practice
The common familiar one is the one having numbers and what they are representing. This is the easiest way. It is important that pupils get to learn on counting and identifying the number of things in a group either by patterns or counting. 

2.    Simple Subtraction and Addition
Addition and subtraction are regarding quantities children are capable of adding and subtracting simply by counting together. For instance, children can be learning to play using two dice and end up adding up the quantities. It is first done by counting the dots and later by recalling the combination of dots. 

3.    Groups
Counting the large number of items one at a time is a tedious process. Therefore, counting using groups is very helpful. Students have to be rehearsed and taught on how to count this way. Besides, there will be the need of telling them that it is a more natural and faster way of calculating large quantities. 

Online Education

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Southern New Hampshire University

This online school has over 200-degree programs of study. This will allow a student to find the program they are interested in and continue to work on their education. The classes are flexible and this school has some of the lowest rates for tuition in the county.  A student will be able to get their college degree without going into a great deal of debt.


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Stanford Engineering Everywhere

This is a program that offers the software free to students as well as their educational staff. There are exams and coursework that will teach a student about software programs. These programs can be used to advance a career or they can be the framework to develop a new career.


This site has both free and paid programs on various subject matters. The programs are offered by some of the top universities and colleges in the world. A person can take a course that is offered by MIT or Harvard. If a person upgrades to a verified course they will get a certificate of completion to show they have completed the coursework.


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These are some of the best sites where a person can get a quality education.  While going to school a person will still be able to go to work and attend to family matters with a flexible class schedule. They will be able to learn at their own pace and will get the information that they need to advance their career.

Tips for Successful Division Practice

Students tend to have issues when it comes to math competency and specifically, division. For this reason, it could be critical to come up with an effective way of handling your division practice so that you can end up as a hero in division. There are some learning tips which every student can take advantage of to enjoy division practice. Have a look at these tips:

1.    Use real-life situations

Division can be made more accessible if one will start practicing division with real-life situations. For instance, instead of thinking about eighty-eight divided by three, you can ask yourself, ‘how many would we each have if we shared eighty-eight sweets among the three of us?’ This makes your division quite practical and helps a lot in making it easy.

2.    Play division memory games together

This is another useful tip which will help you to have a mastery of the division table. In the game, you can alternate holding the division table so that one person will be asking random division questions as the other person formulates the answers. When such a game is repeated several times, you will tend to master some simple division outcomes which are the building blocks to the advanced division queries. It makes learning fun!

3.    Always practice

This is one of the most assumed tips that can help you practice and master division practice. This is the most critical study tip which you should never underestimate if you want to grow and enjoy division practice. As you do the exercise, make it fun. Otherwise, you will not have any desire of practicing anymore.

The Secrets of Alternative Education

Alternative education has been offering students with great yearly achievements. The achievements in most cases end up being higher than those of similar students in full-time learning. In most places, schools offering alternative education are performing better than schools with only regular programs. This is because students are aware they have limited time and are therefore straining to get success. The biggest question among many people is the reason behind this success. Besides, most are wondering whether there is something unique which is helping these schools perform better.

The General Model

Schools are making great use of the usual approach. This is a reasonable method as one is offered system and data constraints. It helps in identifying student matched sets from various feeder schools that are ending up in district schools and different charter schools. It then compares every year’s test scores intending to gain students in district and charter schools. The alternative method is reasonable, and when organized well, is capable of deciding on the school factor to be created. The elements are helping in reducing the tuition charged, while other children are concentrated in district schools.


There is a lot of data on the segregating of students with language proficiency, gender, free lunch status, and disability status. Alternative education is careful in pointing out that various charter school enrollments are matching the feeder schools demographics. Besides, they are using this research in indicating that charter schools do not involve themselves in cream-skimming.


There has been a lot of data concerning resource allocation issues and resource advantages in alternative schools. They are also helping in promoting the student population. This has been indicated in a variety of studies to assist in yielding gains entailing positive achievements. This is not implying that it is only the peer group, which is affecting the alternative effect. It is undoubtedly essential in assuming that the additional time and effort spent with students in schools is never enough. However, the little time they manage getting makes a significant difference in student’s lives. 


Alternative education is leaving many people unsatisfied; however, it is respected as a result of its capability of providing necessary academic importance to some people. Consider enrolling as you will leave the institution a different person who is more educated and enlightened. 

Top Things to Know Regarding Adult Education

For the last couple of years, education has become a privilege that should not be reserved for children, but also for adults. Indeed education is a life long journey that should continue into adulthood. For that reason, many institutions have specialized in providing distance learning courses. You can attest that when you were young you were not very sure what you would want to do or even how you would achieve your dreams.

To many people, when it comes to making such decisions, it is simply out of question. That’s why adult education has continued to gain a lot of popularity recently. Classes are readily available to anyone who wants to make such choices. Here are the top things you need to know about adult education.

1. Adult education will help you keep up with drastic changes

There is no doubt that bodies and minds change constantly throughout our lives. According to some, this means that their passion will change while for others their financial situations will take a great turn. You can attest that in case things change, it is good to be on the right curve. If you began your career in one field, you may decide to make a change in the future. When such type of education is available, we will easily follow our minds and achieve our potential.

2. It is quite essential for retraining

Many jobs that used to exist are no longer available. The world is changing as technology advances. Self-service machines are slowly eliminating checkout assistants. But if you have adult education, you will have numerous options in case that happens. In the coming years, many people will benefit from the option to retrain. Are you among those people who dislike their current roles? Adult education will be essential for you.

3. Learning keeps the mind active

Maintaining an active mind will greatly benefit your health. You will find yourself benefiting from better memory if you regularly put your mind in use. Also, you will have a greater attention span even in old age. It’s not difficult to keep your mind active. Do you know that learning how to fill a crossword will have numerous mental benefits? It’s good to know that exercising your mind is as important as exercising the body.

4. Education feeds a person’s creativity

Have you ever heard that the more you know, the more creative you will become? It will be likely to come with more creative ideas if you have more knowledge in certain areas. Actually, this is the main reason why adult education helps people think outside the box. In addition, you will be in a position to express yourself easily.

5. Adult education gives people a second chance

There might be some people who didn’t finish their college education for one reason or another. Just because they decided to put their education on hold does not mean that they don’t deserve it. Regardless of emotional constraints, you are entitled to have an education. In most cases, you will find out that these courses have been designed in a way that is suitable for those who have been out of education for some years now.