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Online Education

There are several resources online to help a student continue their education, making it easier than ever to access. These are some of the best resources and centers offering online education.

Purdue University Global

This online school is looking to help more people afford to continue their education and go to school while they are working. This school is affordable and offers a great education. A person can get a personalized online experience. They can take classes on their schedule. This school is designed for working adults.


There are several lessons on this site and it includes many different topics. A person can learn how to speak a new language and there are some other topics. There are fun techniques for learning and at the end of the course or chapter, there are lessons to help reinforce the concepts that were taught.

Southern New Hampshire University

This online school has over 200-degree programs of study. This will allow a student to find the program they are interested in and continue to work on their education. The classes are flexible and this school has some of the lowest rates for tuition in the county.  A student will be able to get their college degree without going into a great deal of debt.


This online school is great for those that are looking to study computer science and data. They will learn many different software programs and advance their careers. There are programs for many different ages groups and learning styles.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

This is a program that offers the software free to students as well as their educational staff. There are exams and coursework that will teach a student about software programs. These programs can be used to advance a career or they can be the framework to develop a new career.


This site has both free and paid programs on various subject matters. The programs are offered by some of the top universities and colleges in the world. A person can take a course that is offered by MIT or Harvard. If a person upgrades to a verified course they will get a certificate of completion to show they have completed the coursework.


This site is another great one that offers learning opportunities for students in many different areas. There are courses offered from 100 sites in over 20 countries all around the world. There are some free options. A person can also pay a small fee and get a certificate to show that the course was completed successfully. There are even group discounts available.

These are some of the best sites where a person can get a quality education.  While going to school a person will still be able to go to work and attend to family matters with a flexible class schedule. They will be able to learn at their own pace and will get the information that they need to advance their career.

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